The Irish Pub

I can say that I’ve never read the Gunslinger. I’ve thought about picking it up from time to time because it’s nice to have a series of books to get into. If the first one is good then you have X number books to take up your time, and there’s something nice about knowing  the next few books to be read are already there waiting on you – no search required for the next read. I did not know it was being made into a movie, which makes me wonder if I should give it a go.

If I decide to devote the time needed then I’ll have to get ready for King’s style of writing. There is lots of information at the beginning, more than I ever feel like I need, and I find myself wondering why I should care during many points in the story. But, King is a bestselling author who I’m sure could make money with selling a blank compositon notebook titled “Stephen King’s Notes” where every so many pages is a quote from one of his books. (That’s my idea Stevie, if you do this I want my cut.)

On another note, I watched a documentary on Netflix the other day titled “The Irish Pub.”Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 7.35.15 AM.png
It’s a film about many traditional Irish pubs in Ireland. They talk to the owners and patrons of these establishments and though it wasn’t the most exciting watches it reminded me of our own fictitious rendition of Enoch’s. One pub owner in particular I enjoyed because he seemed like the no nonsense type of guy we would have had working behind the bar who had just the right amount of humor to not be a complete asshole, but “our” asshole.

To elaborate a little, he spoke about a woman complaining how the woman’s bathroom didn’t have a lock on the door. His response was something like: My grand dad opened this place and ran it until he died, my dad took over and ran it for years until I took over. In all that time no one has ever stolen a shit out of that bathroom.

I also saw patrons that we would have had in our bar. “That’s Danny’s chair.” People telling jokes to one another, talking about a person who used to frequent the place, and every so often someone belts out into some old irish song making it somewhat weird, but in a good way, that leaves you with a grin and clapping at the performance whether wanted or not. Check it out if you get a chance.

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